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Common Questions from Our Clients

We’ve Got Answers

How do I invest in Gold?

We have a network with a network of international precious metals dealers. Depending on your geographical location we will recommend a suitable company, with which we have successfully worked with in the past. We will not charge the client a fee for our services. We are compensated by the precious metals dealers.
After having successfully connected a potential Client and a precious metals dealer the client will directly transfer the funds to the dealer. We will monitor the process and guarantee for the smooth and uncomplicate transaction.

How do I store my Gold and Silver?

We recommend our clients to store their precious metals holdings partly or entirely outside the banking system. For this solution we cooperate with the most private, professional and secured storage facilities. In Europe, Switzerland and the Middle East.
We recommend countries with a long history of private ownership, political and economic stability and with an advantageous geographical location. Location with a high privacy and anonymity also have had increasing popularity.  
When storing precious metals outside the banking system we advice a facility that provides a full insurance, compliance and has a history for storing precious metals. Depending on the jurisdictions a type of regulatory organ can also be of advantage.
Most important for the client is to receive a full compliant paper trail of their physical holdings. The aim is to, if ever the needs arises, to re-enter the banking system with these funds.
The physical storage needs to be segregated and allocated. Meaning every item will be individually identified and recorded on the storage legend.
Silver has an added VAT since it is considered as an industrial metal. When storing silver we offer the secured, insured and professional storage in a bonded facility. This enables the client to purchase and subsequently store in a VAT-Free zone.

What kind of art storage could prime brokerage provide?

We offer the highest, most modern and securest of locations for fine arts. Our storage facilities have highest scores on GRASP and deliver a museum standard of the highest quality. Included in the facility there are also showrooms and exhibition spaces.
The technical aspects cover a constant in humidity, 24/7 CCTV, climate controls linked to the alarm system and an art friendly lighting.
All stored art pieces are fully insured and these can be stored in a common room or private room are dedicated to special collections.

Is it possible to take a loan on my art?

Yes. We cooperate with the bank that will asses the value and liquidity of the art pieces. Usually a LTV of up to 50% is granted. A first assessment is free of charge. Sometime the art which will be pledged can even remain in the current storage environment.

Can I take a loan on physical gold holdings?

Yes. The LTV for gold is currently at minimum 50%. The gold could remain in a facility outside the banking system. A first assessment is free of charge.

Can I re-enter the banking system with my physical gold?

Of course. Depending on the age, quality and location of the physical holdings. We asses the situation, help to create a compliance case and make sure all the paper work is in order. After the first process we introduce the client to our partner banks. After this their internal compliance will decide. Our lawyers in our team have specialised on banking compliance and source of funds. We have to expertise to bring all the relevant documents in the right order and present the case to the banks. A first assessment is free of charge.

Can prime brokerage also manage my physical assets with a mandate or power of attorney?

We at prime brokerage connect private and institutional clients to the best service providers in the industry world-wide. Our Partners have all worked for or with these companies during their careers. We are a brokerage company and therefore we cannot manage client’s assets. We can however recommend our partners that provide Asset Management. Prime Brokerage might require a power of attorney if clients wish for us to negotiate on their behalf.

What services does prime brokerage offer for family offices?

Physical Holdings outside the banking system like gold, art or crypto currency all require a special sophisticated attention. A classic family office has always relied heavily on their banks, maybe in the combination with an asset manager, to take care of the financial side. Our experience at prime brokerage is that if the client of the family office requests for example; physical precious metals holding, the family office has very little pre-existing knowledge. Here we support, help and provide solutions from purchase, transport, storage and compliance. This is also the case for the fine arts and crypto currencies.

Can I exchange my Bitcoins into Gold without having to involve my banks?

Yes. We work with regulated companies in Switzerland that offer these “asset to asset” transactions. Please let us know what you require specifically.

I have a numismatic collection; can you tell me what it is worth?

Yes of course. We require high quality photos of the coins or bars. After we receive these, we provide an offer for the coins. This offer can be seen as an orientation, since we haven’t seen the coins in person. This offer is free of charge.
For an official evaluation or estimate our expert might have to visit the collection. Here we charge our expense and work.

How do you do your due diligence on your partner companies?

We asses every company that we recommend to our clients. We have identified all their directors and shareholders. We make sure all the AML regulations are in place and the financial are healthy and have been assessed by third parties. With most companies we have business relations for many years and we look back on a successful cooperation for our clients.
We update our yearly check. This constant monitoring allows us to react fast on changes of owner- or leadership in these cooperation companies.

Can I tokenize my assets?

Yes. We work with lawyers in Liechtenstein who specialize on tokenization of assets. Liechtenstein was very fast to adapt a new law for tokenization, therefor we have made very impressive experience in this field. Our clients benefit from our expertise of physical assets and their aspects of maintenance and the expertise of a team of highly motivated and experienced blockchain and tokenization lawyers.

How do you do your due diligence on your clients?

We need to identify the UBO behind the asset. If we deal with a natural person we check the persons credentials. If we work with a legal person we require the documents proving who the director is and the ultimate beneficial owner. 
Different countries have different regulatory aspects. We follow the specifics and requirements of the company that you will become the client of.

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