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We are an international operating company out of the UAE. We have a physical presence in Germany, Switzerland, Cyprus, India and Russia. 
We focus on connecting private individuals or companies with service providers in the alternative asset field. We are a strong believer that real and physical investment assets will be the biggest beneficiary of THE inflationary future ahead of us. We focus on assets outside the banking system and provide assistance with trading, storage, liquidity, insurance, compliance and management.

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Trusted Financial Leadership

A selected, high performing and trustworthy group of experts.
Our mission is to provide an outstanding service for unbankeble Assets in the modern financial world. We provide knowledge in different areas and focus on accommodating special needs surrounding assets. Secure storage, lending facilities and compliant holdings are just the start for assets outside the banking system. Our aim is that our clients stay liquid and secure whether their holdings are in or outside the banking system.

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